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IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.
Combustion Gas Analyzers
IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for portable and stationary flue-gas analyzers. Furthermore the product range includes leak detectors (HC, refrigerant), thermometers, manometers and anemometers.
IMR designs and manufactures combustion analyzers for almost 30 years.

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Since then IMR emission analyzers have earned the respect of the industry as the most reliable analyzers on the market. IMR flue-gas analyzers are designed to be rugged and accurate at the same time. They are used by the HVAC-industry, energy-industry, process control, glass-industry, food-industry, universities and everywhere gas-analysis is required.

 Gas Leak Detectors
IMR Environmental Equipment - Gas Leak Detectors
IMR 1000 
IMR Environmental Equipment - portable measurement
IMR manufactures single-cell handheld flue-gas analyzers as well as 8-channel continuous emission monitoring systems. IMR gas analyzers make use of the latest sensor technology (NDIR, electro-chemical sensors) to measure the flue-gas concentration.
The IMR1000-3/IMR1000-4 is a hand held pocket size stack gas analyzer for combustion tests on boilers, burners, etc. The IMR1000-3/IMR1000-4 has a 4-line LCD and come with up to 3 sensors
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IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 2800
NEW - IMR 2800 - NEW
The IMR 2800 is the latest model of the popular IMR 2800-series.
It is designed to measure the emissions of vehicles by using the latest sensor technology.
  • O2-CO-CO2-NO-NO2-NOx-SO2-H2S-HC-CH4-N2O-NH3-H2-HCI-CL2 Measurement
  • Several gases have NDIR sensors available.
The IMR 1440FL/FLCO  is built to measure and test Forklift emissions. The unit is designed to improve safety while allowing optimal combustion for forklift trucks. IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR1440FL/FLCO
IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR1400-IR
The IMR 1400-IR  is a compact and professional combustion gas analyzer that measures CO2 (NDIR) and measures and calculates all other relevant parameters.
The IMR 1000  is a small and rugged combustion gas analyzer that measures O2, CO, CO2, stack-gas temperature.
IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 1000
IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 1100
NEW - IMR 1050X - NEW 
The newly redesigned IMR 1050X Combustion System Analyzer eliminates the number one hassle for
combustion contractors; the annual replacement and
calibration of the O2 sensor. By replacing the electro
chemical O2 sensor with the EOS Technology™ CO2
sensor, the IMR 1050X now takes direct CO2
measurements and calculates the O2 level.
The IMR 5000 flue-gas analyzing system is a continuous measuring gas monitor to measure O2, CO, CO2, CH4, NO etc. This system is capable of measuring up to 8 gases simultaneously. The IMR 5000 can be built to customer specification. 
IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 5000
IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 400
NEW - IMR 400 - NEW
The IMR 400 flue-gas conditioning system is designed to prepare the flue-gas sample for the IMR 5000. Its wall mounted enclosure meets NEMA4 (IP65) standards.

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