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Gas analyzer for the continuous and simultaneous measurement of O2, CO (H2 compensated), SO2, NO, NO2, H2S, air temperature, flue gas temperature, pressure/ draft and soot.
Calculated variables are CO2, Lambda (excess air) and qA (losses). 
Simultaneous display of all measuring variables on the monitor. The thermal printer allows the documentation of the measured variables. 
The following printouts are standard: measurement, average values, line graphics.
All printouts with date, time and selected fuel. The printer is suitable for graphics and can be used as Multi Channel Line Recorder. 
Memory for 10485 measurements. 
Operating instructions are clearly displayed on the monitor and the instrument is easy to handle.Values, e.g. fuel parameters are programmable by the user. A special self check program monitors all functions. Error messages or a request for service are displayed on the monitor. 
Option: 8-channel analog output terminal (0-10 V, 4-20 mA) or video output terminal.
IMR 3000
IMR 3000


Display :
5" CRT for the simultaneous display of all measured parameters. 
Languages: German, English, French  Operating instructions are clearly displayed. 
Units either in ppm, mg/Nm³ or mg/Nm³(O2).
Printer :
Thermal printer with graphics capability. The following printouts are available: measurement, average values, line-graphics. 
The time intervals between printouts can be selected between 1 and 99 minutes.
Printing paper :
Thermal paper, paper width 80 mm, paper length about 30 m.
Multi Channel Line Recorder : 
The printer can be used as Multi Channel Line Recorder. Up to three channels can be shown at one time. Channels are selectable. All values which are stored can be printed. It is possible to record all parameters and select up to three lines for printing.
Memory :
For all measuring variables, for 10485 measurements. The sampling rate can be varied between 1 and 255 seconds. The stored values can be printout as line-graphs or can be transferred via the serial interface (RS 232 C).
Interface :
RS 232 C or optional RS 422 

IMR 3000
IMR 3000 - front

Clock :
Real-time clock / calendar 
Calibration :
Automatic zero calibration within three minutes. Calibration count down is displayed on the monitor. 


Fuel :
18 fuels  programmed, 4 fuels programmable
Self -check :
A self check program runs on each start up. The self check program checks all functions of the instrument and parameters of the sensors. Error messages are displayed on the monitor
Service-program :
Information about operating hours, battery, sensors and defects of the systemare displayed on the monitor.
Flue gas temperature :
In continuous process up to approx. 1832 °F (1000 °C). In short-time service up to approx. 2192 °F (1200 °C).
Optional high-temperature gas sampling probe (RhPt-Rh) for temperatures up to max. 2732 °F (1500 °C).
Gas sampling probe :
Probe with heat insulated handle and integrated thermal element, including locking cone. 
Standard tube length 11.8" (250 mm), special lengths 29.5" and 59.1" (750 mm and 1500 mm). Flexible hose length 8.5 ft (2.5 m), special lengths up to about 33 ft (10.0 m).
Battery :
Operationg period 6 hours, 12VDC
Case :
Rugged aluminum case with carrying handle and locks
Power supply :
230VAC/50 Hz, 110VAC/60Hz 
Recommendation :
The IMR 3000 P should be connected to the gas drier IMR 500 P during long-time measurements or by dirty  flue gases.

Technical Data
IMR 3000 P
O2 Oxygen  Electro-chemical 0.1 Vol. % ±0.2 % 0-20.9 %
CO Carbon monoxide  Electro-chemical 1 ppm Z 0-2,000 ppm ²
CO2 Carbon dioxide  Calculated  0.1 Vol. % ±0.2 % 0-CO2 max. ³
SO2 Sulfur dioxide Electro-chemical 1 ppm Z 0-4,000 ppm ²
NO Nitric oxide Electro-chemical 1 ppm Z 0-2,000 ppm ²
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide  Electro-chemical 1 ppm Z 0-100 ppm ²
H2S Hydrogen sulfide  Electro-chemical 1 ppm Z O  0-200 ppm ²
TA Air temp. Semiconductor 1 K ±0.5 K -4 °F/ +248°F (-20/ +120 °C)
TG Flue gas temp.  Thermocouple: NiCr-Ni

Thermocouple: PtRh-Pt

1 K

1 K

± 2 %

± 1 %

-4 °F/ +1472°F2192°F (1200°C)

O  +302°F/ +2732°F (+150/ +1500°C)

Draft / Pressure Solid state 0.004" H2O 
(0.01 hPa) 
± 2 % ±8" H2O 
( ± 20 hPa) ²
Lambda / Excess Air Calculated  0.01 ± 2 % 1.0 - 9.0 
qa / Losses Calculated  0.1 % ±0.5 % 0 - 99.9 
Soot  Filter-paper method
DIN 51402
1.63 l/min. ± 0.07 l/min. O
TUV-Prüf Nr. By RgG 137
Z = 0 - 20% of whole measurement range ± 1% of maximum measurement
21 - 100% of whole measurement range ± 5% of displayed measurement
X = standard O = option - = not available
¹ Selection of language on order.
² Other measurement range on request.
³ Dependent of fuel.
Specification changes are made without prior notice.

Dimensions wxdxh: 20"(510mm) x 7"(185mm) x 16.9"(430mm)
Weight: approx. 30lbs. (16kg)

IMR 3000 P       O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 30000

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. reserves the right to adopt technical modifications without prior notice

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